Legal Services for Truck Owners/Drivers who have been issued a summons to appear for an arraignment in Criminal Court in Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn or Queens

Richard Solomon

Richard A. Solomon, ESQ.

Never ignore a criminal court summons. Your in-court personal appearance is always mandatory! Not attending has serious consequences.

If the summons was issued to a corporation, the corporation must BY LAW have an attorney appear in Court on behalf of the corporation.If the summons was NOT issued to a corporation, it is recommended that you appear with an attorney to obtain sound legal representation.

Richard Solomon is a New York State attorney who appears in The New York City Criminal Courts for arraignments involving truck regulation matters. Mr. Solomon, once retained, will guide you or your business through the arraignment.

It is vital that you do not wait until the last minute to arrange for legal representation.

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You are NOT represented by Richard A. Solomon until you have a signed and paid retainer letter.

Example Summons

Example Summons

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